Our Team

ABC Advisory Board and Executive Consultants

While ABC, is being honored with our reputable and high standard Advisory Board Members as well as our Executive Consultants who represent the trust factor to our corp., with that we bring a comprehensive range of outstanding capabilities to our clients, enabling them to succeed in the Libyan and African marketplace.

ABC’s Advisory Board and Executive Consultants are industry and expertise focused. They represent a formidable network of top tier industry experts, management consultants, chartered accountants, risk and audit specialists, physicians, scientists, engineers, attorneys, market researchers, economists and other professionals from around the world. They have been carefully selected and represent local and international experts who have a wealth of knowledge in specific sectors of the Libyan and international economy.

We at ABC, realize how important industry experience is in a new market – that’s why each group of our experts works exclusively on their areas of expertise to ensure your success.

ABC’s experienced staff assists our clients to better understand the opportunities, products, services, competition, issues and industries in Libya.

ABC, is confident that through the vast experience of our advisors, consultants and associates, we will provide the professional assistance efficient and trustful support, necessary to do business in Libya and the rest of Africa.

Our industry expertise includes, but is not limited to:-

▪   Oil & Gas (Upstream & Downstream and Oil field Services).
▪   Basic Materials (Chemicals, Industrial Metals, Mining).
▪   Industrials (Construction, Building Materials, Industrial Goods and Services).
▪   Tourism & Real estate development and management.
▪   Health Care/ Pharmaceuticals.
▪   Agriculture & Agribusiness.
▪   Environment & related Field services.
▪   Financials ( Banks, Insurance, Financial Services, Real Estate).
▪   Technology (Software ,Computer Services, Hardware & Equipment).
▪   Maritime.
▪   Aviation.
▪   Telecommunications.
▪   Education& Technical training.
▪   General Trading.
▪   Media.